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Color Coated Aluminum Coil- 27 (10.1%)
Color Coated Aluminum Coil - 41 (15.4%)
Color Coated Aluminum Coil - 50 (18.7%)
Color Coated Aluminum Coil - 105 (39.3%)
Color Coated Aluminum Coil - 25 (9.4%)
total - 267 massages
date:3, 2016

Cause analysis for paint peeling

(May 31, 2018)

The unqualified color coated steel sheet may discolorate or peel . There are many potential reasons that lead to the quality defects.The main reasons are as follows.When facing the peeling, we can check the equipment in this several ways. 1......

How to distinguish the quality of coated sheet

(May 31, 2018)

1.Observe the thickness of base plate and tectorial membrane Color coated sheet is composed of base plate and the color of peritoneal or coating. We must consider the thickness of the base plate and the peritoneum coating at first, color co......

The laminated steel sheet

(May 31, 2018)

The laminated steel sheet not only has the performance and advantages of regular PPGI, but also makes up for the color monotone of regular color coating plates. It has many kinds of surface effect and colors. Good processing ability: Easy t......